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Why the Dolphins should not be interested in Adalius Thomas

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Believe it or not, I really do not enjoy criticizing the work of the beat writers and columnists in South Florida. They sometimes have a difficult job and I generally try to be fair to them as often as possible.

With that said, I think it's important for me to say that I nearly threw up in my mouth when I read this post in the Palm Beach Post's Dolphins blog that calls free agent linebacker Adalius Thomas an "intriguing option" for the Dolphins. The writer can't be serious, right?

I'll be the first to admit that Miami's outside linebackers are unproven - to say the least. You have probably seen me write that if Charlie Anderson wins a starting job for your team, odds are your team is in trouble. And as it stands now, he'll squarely be in the thick of things in camp trying to win a starting outside linebacker position.

Despite the question marks surrounding Miami's current group of outside linebackers, I don't see how bringing in a washed up veteran who used to be a good player would really help this team out at all. Thomas is a guy who clearly still thinks he's better than he really is. He openly had issues in New England due to his lack of playing time. And he's missed 10 games combined over the past two seasons.

He also turns 33 in August.

Isn't this the very definition of a "progress stopper?"

Let's be honest here. Adalius wants to play. He made a lot of noise in New England because he wasn't on the field as often as he wanted to be. And if he was to come to Miami, he'd likely be in a similar situation because of the importance the Dolphins are placing on getting their young outside linebackers playing time.

It's that very reason that likely played a major role in Jason Taylor's departure out of Miami and arrival in New York? Could you imagine the Dolphins not re-signing a Dolphin legend like Taylor (who is actually still productive, too) but then adding an aging vet like Adalius Thomas? Talk about a fan uproar. Truth be told, I'd be right there with all of you, too.

Sure, it's easy to see the dots that are being connected here. Adalius was once a very good player in Mike Nolan's defense in Baltimore. The Dolphins really don't have a single player on the roster at that position who has any kind of past production like Thomas. But it's important to stress the fact that Thomas is not even close to the player he once was.

We're now talking about a guy who has not topped 36 total tackles in the past two seasons. We're talking about a guy who tallied eight sacks and 4 tackles for a loss over his last 22 games. We're talking about a player who has not forced or recovered a single fumble over the past two years. And we're talking about a guy who was ranked 28th in 2009 out of all 3-4 outside linebackers by ProFootballFocus (Taylor, by the way, ranked 8th).

So what exactly would be the point of bringing in a washed up vet like Adalius Thomas?

There is none. Luckily for us Dolphin fans, I imagine this front office is probably thinking the same thing.