Happy Memorial Day to all....


This is no way, shape or form can thank the Heroes who gave everything they had to defend our way of life.  As you enjoy your Memorial Day today, I ask that you please take a moment today to remember the American Heroes who made the Ultimate Sacrifice in defense of our Nation.

Heroes such as:


 SGT Christopher Taylor, 1-41 FA (24JUL05, Balad, Iraq)



SPC Russell Nahvi, 5-7 CAV (19OCT05, Balad, Iraq)



SGT Arthur Mora, Jr, 5-7 CAV (19OCT05, Balad, Iraq)



SPC Jose Rosario, 5-7 CAV (19OCT05, Balad, Iraq)



CPT Kevin Simth, 1-76 FA, (08DEC05, Baghdad, Iraq)



SPC Lex Nelson, 1-41 FA (12DEC05, Tikrit, Iraq)



SPC Joseph Lucas, 5-7 CAV (15DEC05, Balad, Iraq)



SFC Jonathan Lowery, 3/3 ACR (14DEC07, Mosul, Iraq)




SGT Benjamin Portell, 3/3 ACR (26DEC07, Mosul, Iraq)



CPT Rowdy Inman, 3/3 ACR (26DEC07, Mosul, Iraq)



SSG Bryant Mackey, 3/3 ACR (20FEB08, Mosul, Iraq)



SSG Chad Caldwell, 3/3 ACR (30APR08, Mosul, Iraq)



SPC Alex Gonzalez, 2/3 ACR (06MAY08, Mosul, Iraq)



SGT Jose Regalado, 3/3 ACR (12NOV08, Mosul, Iraq)



SPC Corey Shea, 3/3 ACR (12NOV08, Mosul, Iraq)



Along with the thousands of others from Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, World War II, World War I, Panama, Grenada, Cuba, Spanish-American War, Civil War, Mexican-American War, War of 1812, Barbary Wars,and the Revolutionary War.


Thank you for allowing me to do this, Phinsider, and Matty.  It's very therapeutic to do a post like this.


It's been my honor to serve with each of the Heroes listed above, and with all the others who continue to serve today.  I have been given the great, and humbling, honor of serving as a Battery Commander for over 150 men and women in combat, and their strength, determination, and camaraderie impressed me every day then, and still does today.


So, once again, please take a moment to remember our Heroes, both those who will never again enjoy this holiday, and those who are today out defending our way of life.






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