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Video Time: Week 8 vs Jets

Since I didn't post a "video time" on Saturday due to the mini-camp, now is as good a time as any to get back into the look back at the 2009 season. After all, it's Memorial Day and I doubt many people out there will be spending a lot of time at the computer. So a mini-camp roundup of sorts will be posted tomorrow as everyone returns back to work.

Just one quick thought. Like I said, it's Memorial Day and I just hope that at some point today you take a moment to think about and honor those who have sacrificed their lives to make this country the greatest country in the world. Race, religion, and politics aside, those men and women who have died fighting for our freedom are the real national heroes.

Now onto the video, which is below. And just think - the two players who made the biggest plays of the game in this particular game are no longer members of the Miami Dolphins. Just food for thought.

The video is courtesy of the National Football League. The embedding is courtesy of the fine folks at Dallas Dolfans.