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Brandon Marshall out until camp - but it's no big deal

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Obviously the biggest development that came out of Davie on Wednesday was the news that Brandon Marshall would be out until training camp (at the earliest) after undergoing a "procedure." After practice, head coach Tony Sparano was asked if the Dolphins knew about this issue before trading for the star receiver. Sparano responded:

"I would say that …  uh … well … no. Just came up. It’s something that’s no different than Nate Garner (recent injury) or anybody else right now. It’s just something that came up, we needed to get it cleaned up and we did. It’s good. We don’t play a game today. We play a game down the road."

"He’s been here for [four] weeks now, throwing and catching and doing all the things necessary. He was throwing and catching the day that the procedure was done, so [I'm] not even concerned about that."

The "procedure." That's all the Dolphins will call it. But we've learned now that it was actually minor surgery on Marshall's hip. The first reports indicated that Marshall underwent a clean-up procedure on the same hip that he had surgery on last offseason - which caused him to miss early days of training camp. But we've since learned from a source close to Marshall, courtesy of Jeff Darlington, that the surgery was actually on his other hip.

Here's what I don't understand. Why are there so many Dolphin fans doing their best "Chicken Little" impressions and claiming that the sky is indeed falling? Part of me blames the media for blowing this way out of proportion. But this really is not a big deal.

Do I wonder how the Dolphins training staff didn't catch this during the physical? No, not really. Maybe they did notice it but chose to make the deal anyways. After all, how many of you would be pissed if the Dolphins decided against acquiring Marshall because of something that seems rather minor? Think back to Miami's decision to pass on Drew Brees. Many fans are still angry about that. So let's not say the medical staff screwed up here. I know Sparano claims the team didn't know when they made the trade. But maybe just Sparano didn't know. Or maybe he's lying about that altogether.

Regardless, everyone needs to step back from the ledge. Marshall has undergone offseason surgery the past couple of years - and he's still put up insane numbers. Some are going to say how this hurts the Dolphins because it cuts into the time it will take for Marshall and Chad Henne to "gel" and get comfortable.

But Marshall had hip surgery last offseason, missed some days early on in camp, had to adjust to a new quarterback (Kyle Orton) and still put up outstanding numbers once the season came around. So let's not make a bigger deal out of this than it is.

In fact, NFL Network's Steve Wyche said on Wednesday night that the Dolphins are not really concerned at all about Marshall's hip. He added that the surgery really was "minor" and "no one in the organization is sweating this."

So we good now? Did everybody take a step back from the ledge? Good. Now let's move on.

More OTA news to follow in the daily post.