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Video Time: Week 5 vs Jets

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One week after getting their first win of 2009, the Dolphins were at home hosting the Jets on Monday Night Football - reigniting the best rivalry in the NFL (in my opinion, at least). And wouldn't you know it - this game was one of the very best in the entire NFL in 2009.

The Dolphins and Jets went back and forth in the second half until Chad Henne led his first fourth quarter comeback in his young career. With the game on the line late in the fourth, Henne connected with Greg Camarillo on a 3rd and 10 pass that gave Miami a first down inside NY's five yard line. Three plays later, Ronnie Brown took the snap from the Wildcat and won Miami the game.

This game was probably my favorite game of the season. So let's relive it with the video below.

The video is courtesy of the National Football League. The embedding is courtesy of the fine folks at Dallas Dolfans.