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Dolphins Game Changing Offseason Moves: The draft day trade


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In the first installment of our Sprint sponsored posts two weeks ago, I highlighted the acquisition of Brandon Marshall as one of Miami's "game changing" moves this offseason. For this next one, I want to go a different direction.

I think that one of the aspects of last week's draft that has been overlooked was the Dolphins' decision to trade down in round one. Sure, we've obviously talked about it. But we haven't really discussed the long-term effects of the deal. So let's do that.

Back in 2007, the Dolphins passed on Brady Quinn to select Ted Ginn. We knew that day that those two players would forever be linked in the minds of Dolphin fans. As it turns out, neither player has developed into a first-round worthy player in the NFL.

Last weekend, the Dolphins have an opportunity to select their choice of pass-rusher from the 2010 class. No pass-rushing outside linebackers were taken yet when the Dolphins were on the clock with the 12th pick. They could have also selected safety Earl Thomas - filling the void at free safety with the second rated safety available on most boards and a top 15 overall talent according to most.

The Dolphins instead went another route, opting to recoup the second round pick they lost in the Marshall trade and then drafting Jared Odrick and Koa Misi in the first 40 picks. So be prepared - the Odrick/Misi combination will forever be linked to all of the pass rushers the Dolphins could have had at pick #12. And if Earl Thomas becomes a star at free safety, I'm sure we will all hear about that, too, very often.

There are reports floating out there that the Dolphins actually coveted Koa Misi so much that they centered their draft around him. Considering that the Dolphins turned their card in for pick #40 very quickly, there's got to be some truth to that. And if that is the case, it's likely that the Dolphins just see Odrick as one hell of a bonus.

It's interesting to note, though, that the four picks immediately following the Dolphins' original draft slot of #12 were all players that had to be on Miami's draft radar: Brandon Graham, Earl Thomas, Jason Pierre-Paul, and Derrick Morgan. We also can't forget their decision to pass on Jerry Hughes at #28 as well. So with all this said, it's easy to see some truth to the idea that Misi was who the Dolphins built their 2010 draft around.

Was that a smart thing to do? Only time will tell for sure.

The bottom line? Let's talk "net gain" for a moment. The Dolphins end up with Brandon Marshall, Jared Odrick, and Koa Misi. The cost? A 16 slot drop in round one of 2010 and a 2011 second round pick. That's not too shabby at all.