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NFL Draft Video Time: Tight End Prospects

For this week's edition of "Video Time" let's focus in on the tight end position. It's not a glaring need or a top priority for the Dolphins. But a tight end who could stretch the middle of the field for the Dolphins would be a huge benefit to Chad Henne and this passing attack in Miami.

So after the jump are a few tight ends to keep an eye on come draft day. Check out the videos and feel free to discuss which guys you like and/or do not like. Should make for an interesting discussion.

First up, though there aren't many videos of him that I can find, is a guy who is very popular around these parts: Jimmy Graham. Graham has a ton of upside but is also quite raw:

Not much to see, I know. If anyone has any other videos of Graham, feel free to post the link below.

Next up is BYU's Dennis Pitta. He might be the best pass-catching tight end in the draft but might not have the prototypical size this regime likes:

Florida's Aaron Hernandez is another guy to keep a close eye on:

I'm also a big fan of USC's Anthony McCoy:

Those are just some of the quality tight ends in this class. I actually think this is one of the deeper drafts in terms of the depth at the tight end position. And I fully expect the Dolphins to draft a tight end at some point. But who that guy is and what round will it be in is anyone's guess.