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**NFL Draft 2010: Miami Dolphins select A.J. Edds in fourth round**

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Rd. # Player Pos. College
4 119 A.J. Edds

The Dolphins moved up in round four, trading pick 126 and pick 179 to Dallas. And with that pick, the Dolphins selected Iowa linebacler A.J. Edds.

At 6'3, 245, Edds will likely work as an inside linebacker in Miami's defense. He's not explosive enough to play the edge as a rush linebacker and only had 2.5 sacks in his college career. He did run a solid 4.71 40 at the Combine, though.

Below is what says about Edds:

Strengths: Edds possesses good length and above average strength for the next level. He’s a tough, competitive player. Was the vocal leader of his college defensive unit. Plays with good instincts and a high level of intelligence. Has been productive during his career.

Weaknesses: Edds needs an expanded pass rush package to be a more effective blitzer. He’s inconsistent reading route progressions. Not great in zone coverage and may really struggle against athletic targets in man coverage. Needs added bulk to more consistently deal with the inside power running game.

Another "leader" in college. Clearly leadership is a big theme this draft.

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