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NFL Draft 2010: Dolphins send 12th pick to Chargers

The Dolphins were looking to move down. They did just that. The Chargers have traded for the 12th overall pick.

Here's the trade, according to Jeff Darlington:

Miami gets 28th pick, 40th pick, 126th pick (4th round), and LB Tim Dobbins.

San Diego gets 12th pick (turned into Ryan Mathews), 110th pick (4th round), 173rd pick (6th round).

The Miami Herald is now confirming Dobbins was indeed included, joining the Dolphins just days after signing his restricted free agent tender.

I love the trade from Miami's perspective. They can still get either a pass-rushing outside linebacker or even Terrence Cody at number 28 and they now not only recoup their 2nd rounder - they actually now have a better second rounder than they did before the Brandon Marshall trade.

As for Dobbins, he's a role player at linebacker. Talking to a Chargers fan, it seems like Dobbins is a guy who is a two-down linebacker. Originally a fifth round pick, he's nothing more than depth at inside linebacker. He did start two games last year. But he's not coming to Miami to start.

As we await Miami's next pick, I'll be hoping TCU's Jerry Hughes remains on the board.