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NFL Draft 2010: Round One Open Thread


At long last, we're finally here. All of the final tweaks to each team's draft boards are complete. Owners, general managers, coaches, scouts, and the rest of the personnel departments around the league are huddled in their war rooms and are awaiting for when they get put on the clock.

It's draft day, people!

Look for the Dolphins to be on the clock with the 12th overall pick sometime between 9:15 and 9:45 (at least, that's my guess). Of course, if they trade down - which is always an option - we'll have to wait a little bit longer. And from what we're hearing, it's looking like a trade down is getting more and more likely.

One thing to keep in mind when Miami finally gets put on the clock. Don't be shocked if the Dolphins draft Earl Thomas at #12 and then trade him to Philly when the Eagles are on the clock at #24. This would ensure the Dolphins get whoever they are targeting at #24. And if those targets are off the board already, Miami can simply be "stuck with" Thomas rather than shipping him to Philly.

Likely? No. But not impossible, either.

Regardless, this draft is huge for the Dolphins. If they can hit a home run in round one and then find some solid mid and late round talent, 2010 could be the beginning of a very fun and potentially special run over the next few years.

You can use this thread to discuss anything regarding tonight's event. I'll have a separate front-page post moments after the Dolphins make their pick. That's where we will discuss Miami's choice one they make it.