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Possible first round trade-down partners

We interrupt this "Jason Taylor debate fest" to talk about something that we can all agree on: talking NFL Draft.

The worst kept secret in the NFL right now might be how the Dolphins would love to trade down in the first round of Thursday night's draft. In fact, it's believed that many teams would like to trade down in order to acquire more picks in what is being called by many as one of the deepest drafts in a long time. For the Dolphins, the need to acquire more picks is even more obvious seeing as how Miami no longer has a second round pick since trading for Brandon Marshall (not that I'm complaining at all, of course).

However, trading down is easier said than done. In order to trade down, there has to be a team looking to move up. That rarely happens - especially when you consider the financial implications of moving up in the draft. Therefore, there has to be a player or players available when the Dolphins are on the clock to entice some team to give up picks and shell out a bigger contract just to move up.

Four players come to mind here as possible guys that could entice other teams to move up: Earl Thomas, C.J. Spiller, Dez Bryant, and Jimmy Clausen. Odds are at least one, likely more, will be on the board when the Dolphins are on the clock at #12.

So what teams might be looking to move up? Here are some who could be potential trading partners for the Dolphins:

Eagles - They are the most rumored team out there. Some of the most respected guys in the NFL media have reported that the Eagles would like to move up in the draft - with their sights reportedly set on Earl Thomas. Philly has the 24th overall pick in round one and then two picks in the second round. So they could be willing to give up number 24 and then one of their second rounders (37 or 55) in order to move up to 12 and grab the Texas safety.

Cowboys - We've heard rumblings for some time that the Cowboys might be interested in moving up from their 27th position in round one. They also have the 59th overall pick. But is that enough to move up to #12? Or would they also have to throw in an additional mid-round pick? And who might they be targeting? Some believe it might be Dez Bryant. Others think it could be Earl Thomas. Either way, we all know about the Dallas-to-Miami pipeline. So you have to believe there's at least a little chance talks could heat up between these two.

Packers - Another team that the mainstream media has been mentioning as a team who may be looking to move up. It makes sense, too. Aaron Rodgers has been getting killed behind Green Bay's pitiful offensive line. So they could be looking to move up to grab one of the higher rated offensive linemen. Currently, Green Bay has picks 23 and 56. Would Miami consider dropping from 12 to 23 to pick up 56? I wouldn't be surprised.

Giants - The Giants would love to get inside linebacker Rolando McClain, at least according to many. But they also might be eying up C.J. Spiller or even one of the top rated defensive ends. But a move down from 12 to 15 probably doesn't warrant an additional second round pick from New York. So I don't know how likely this is.

Texans - Houston could be eying up one of the two top corners in the draft - Joe Haden and Kyle Wilson - or even safety Earl Thomas. The Texans currently have pick 20 and there's a chance all three are off the board by then. Maybe Houston would be willing to part with pick 51 in order to move up from 20 to Miami's 12th pick.

Chargers - You have to imagine San Diego will be looking to find a successor to nose tackle Jamal Williams, who left to go to rival Denver. As it stands now, pick 28 could be too late for them to land Dan Williams or Terrence Cody. But a move from 28 to 12 would be costly. They do have pick 40 as well thanks to their trade with Seattle earlier this offseason. Are picks 28 and 40 enough to entice the Dolphins to move out of the 12th pick? It could be.

Bengals - There are reports out there that Cincinnati is really high on Dez Bryant, the top receiver in this class. They could land him at #21, where they currently sit. But if they love him enough and are worried he could be off the board, they might be willing to move up. The Dolphins probably wouldn't mind moving from 12 to 21, assuming Cincy is willing to part with pick #54. But is Dez Bryant worth giving up that much for?

With all that said, I think it's going to be tough for the Dolphins to move down in the draft. The combination of picks required to move up and contracts demanded from higher picks makes moving up in the draft far less enticing than it used to be. And in a deep draft like this, draft picks are considered to be as good as gold.

But make no mistake, I'm sure the Dolphins will do all they can to move back and recoup that second round pick that they had to surrender to land Brandon Marshall. I am just not too confident they'll find a partner to dance with on draft night.