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Whispers of possible Dolphins/Cowboys trade talks

This is the time of the year for rumors. So take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

With that said, there are whispers going around that the Dolphins and Cowboys might be talking about a potential trade involving each team's first round picks.

The reason I'm even mentioning these rumors that are starting to swirl is because I'm hearing two different versions from a couple of different sources. With that said, the sources I'm hearing these things from are not "bad" sources. And they don't make things up. The question then becomes if their connections are feeding these guys good information or intentionally supplying "misinformation."

Version one of these trade whispers came about even before the Cowboys released safety Ken Hamlin - which is why this rumor is not hard to believe. Essentially, this first rumor has to do with the Dolphins and Cowboys swapping first round picks in this year's draft (picks 12 and 27 respectively) - with the Cowboys eying up a safety (possibly Texas safety Earl Thomas). Like I said, this one seems believable only because whispers of this potential trade started making the rounds prior to word getting out that Dallas was releasing Ken Hamlin.

The compensation the Dolphins would receive to drop from pick 12 to pick 27 is not clear.

Version two of the Dolphins/Cowboys trade rumor involves both first round picks as well as Cowboys running back Marion Barber. This version seems to be a bit more far-fetched - with the whisper being a swap of the two first round picks and the Dolphins acquiring the Dallas running back.

But again - both rumors are unsubstantiated at this time. With that said, though, I find it hard to doubt that there has at least been some kind of discussion between the Dolphins and the Cowboys. And I say this for two reasons. One - the obvious pipeline that exits between Dallas and Miami stemming from Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, and Tony Sparano. And two - there are two different rumors now floating around. And I've heard these whispers now from four completely different sources.

Does this really mean anything will happen between now and April 22? I have no idea. But I just wanted to pass these two things along for you to discuss.