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Teddy Gone: Dolphins trade Ginn for 5th round pick

As you probably already know, the Dolphins have traded WR Ted Ginn Jr to the 49ers in return for a fifth round pick. And with this, only two players still remain on the roster from the 2007 NFL Draft.

The fifth round pick received by the Dolphins recoups the one they shipped to Kansas City in exchange for QB Tyler Thigpen last season. So essentially, the Dolphins swapped Ginn for Thigpen. Pretty terrible when you remember that Ginn was the 9th overall pick of the '07 draft.

But like many have said since then - and even at the time o the selection - Ginn was a major reach in the top 10 that season. But Randy Mueller and Cam Cameron made the questionable pick - and then promptly lost their jobs after they won only one game during the ensuing season.

I will admit that I felt like the Dolphins should have kept Ginn for at least one more season. I really believed that his vertical speed on the opposite side of Brandon Marshall could really result in the occasional big play. For all his faults, teams do have to respect Ginn's deep speed. And having to also account for Marshall now, Ginn could have been a dangerous weapon - albeit in a reduced role.

A change of scenery should do Teddy some good. And I do wish him the best. After all, it's not his fault he was picked so high. Blame Cam Cam and company for that giant mistake.

The Dolphins do now have a void that has to be filled. Who returns kicks and punts now? There are some options on the roster already. Some of those names, though - guys like Ryan Grice-Mullen and Julius Pruitt - probably have to prove they can contribute more than on just returns. After all, the Dolphins already have four receivers who will be active each week - Marshall, Davone Bess, Brian Hartline, and Greg Camarillo.

I guess we'll find out in a week if the Dolphins have a plan as to what to do about their return man situation.

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