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Trade Rumors: Brandon Marshall, Ted Ginn & everybody else, too

As the draft nears, more and more of these rumors will fly. As always, we have to keep in mind that some of these rumors being flung around are total "bull" while some others are purposely being thrown out there by teams as "misinformation."

So it's with that disclaimer that I get into today's trade news - which many of you probably have seen and discussed already.

Here's what we know as fact. Brandon Marshall has signed his one-year offer from the Broncos, allowing Denver to trade Brandon if/when they get an offer to their liking. It should come as no surprise then that the Dolphins are already being mentioned as a possible destination for Marshall. Greg Cote writes that there's speculation claiming the Dolphins are "seriously interested if the price is no greater than a second round pick." And, of course, we can't forget the rumors started by people who may or may not know somebody in the business who claims the Dolphins are closing in on a deal for Marshall (though we shouldn't discount them because some of these people might just actually have a connection or two).

As far as I go, I have some messages in with a couple of the "connections" I have and I'm awaiting a response. If I hear anything, I'll update this very post.

[Update: One very good and very reliable source tells me that he thinks the Dolphins "are really involved" in the Marshall sweepstakes.]

Meanwhile, the "shocking" news today is that the Dolphins are indeed shopping Ted Ginn Jr. around the league. Two unnamed NFL sources tell the NFL Network that the Dolphins are looking to move their speedy but underachieving receiver.

In other news: the earth is not flat, fire is hot, and eating Taco Bell after midnight will likely cause some nasty stomach issues.

But the Sun-Sentinel has even more "shocking" news. Apparently the Dolphins are "trying to pick up more selections in rounds two through five, and everyone is in play."

Of course, the term "everyone" is a bit of an exaggeration. The Dolphins aren't looking to trade Jake Long. Nor Chad Henne. Nor their two young corners. And on and on. But we get it - the Dolphins want more picks.

And if the Fins really are in the race for Marshall, they would obviously want to acquire as many picks as possible to make up for those picks they have to move for Marshall. That's why I firmly believe that if the Dolphins were to acquire Marshall, I would also look for the Dolphins to trade down in round one to add more picks.

The next nine days should be mighty interesting.