Brandon Marshall will be a Dolphin!!!

Okay so yesterday a post was presented about him becoming a Dolphin, and about how this person's brother went to his wedding, yadda, yadda, yadda...But i may have the real scoop.  It will take a while to explain, but the recent events of this afternoon, and the news coming out of Davie, and Denver will take shape as such...

My firend that i grew up with writes for  Look it up.  his name is Steven O'reilly, and he interviews NFL insiders for his job, and does work in Florida, Baltimore, and all over the US.  He told my brother about the Dansby thing the day before it happened, and now he said that Miami will package picks, and Ted Ginn Jr. to the Broncos guessed it...BRANDON MARSHALL!!!  This is why the trifecta didn't trade for Holmes, and this is why he signed his tender today, and the news came out about the Phins trying to trade Ginn.  Here are some links to the news about the tender signing, and Ginn being shopped.  Add it all up and you have a trade between the Phins, and Broncos!!

That is the one about Marshall and his tender

Tedd Ginn being shopped


That is my buddy Steve's website....look through it and you'll see that this is his life's work, not just a this person said this, this person said that...He is legit, and he interviews players, and NFL Insiders for a living.  Now i wont believe it until i see it like many of you, but usually where there's smoke, there is fire.  Give the boys in the Front Office some time, and you'll see they know what they are doing.


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