Brandon Marshall Inside Info

hey guys i recently spoke to one of my friends Aaron. Him and brandon are actually really good friends and grew up together. I can verify this through a bunch of different events. ( for example he attended Brandons wedding recently and also told me that he never slipped on a Mcdonalds bag and fell into a t.v , he was actually drunk and wrestling his brother) They recently hung out and brandon told him some very interesting things. Brandon told him that he has indeed spoken with the dolphins and they did talk contract... 4 yrs $35 million was discussed with about 22 million gauranteed. He will be traveling to washington to speak with Shannahan about his options there as well. Brandon said he really is all about the money with this contract and that he eventually thinks he will end up in miami , possibly on draft day for a 2nd round pick... im praying this happens lol.... just wanted to pass this along to u guys.

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