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Report: Bill Parcells and Miami Dolphins meet with WR Dez Bryant

The front office in Miami is known to shy away from "high-maintenance" players. And we know they aren't a fan of "diva" receivers. Of course, we don't really know for sure if former Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant is either of those two things. But what we do know, according to "league sources" - the most overused term in the media, by the way - that the Dolphins have met with the former Oklahoma State star.

Via the Sun-Sentinel's Omar Kelly, Bryant reportedly spent Thursday night with team officials and will meet up again on Friday, including a meeting scheduled with Bill Parcells:

The Miami Dolphins met with Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant on Thursday night in "a get to know you session" that will carry over until Friday, according to league sources...

...Bryant's sit-down with the Dolphins allowed him to state his case. He has a meeting with Parcells scheduled for Friday. Last season, the Dolphins sat down with Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline in a similar setting before selecting those two receivers in the 2009 draft.

So who wouldn't love to be a fly on the wall when Bryant first walks in to meet Parcells face to face?

As usual, this could mean nothing. Or it could mean something. Right now, all it means is that the Dolphins are doing their due diligence on the best player at his position in the draft - at a clear position of need for the team.