Chad Pennington: Miami Dolphins' No. 3 quarterback

Say it with me.... Tyler Thigpen.... The name just sorta rolls off of your tongue, doesn't it? No? Well, it doesn't really matter what it sounds like because T² is the new number 2!

According to the Herald, Thigpen is the backup to Henne, and CP10 is third string.

When Pennington met with Bill Parcells on the day after his conversation with Warner, they came to the mutual decision that Pennington would likely enter training camp as the third quarterback in the rotation for repetitions behind both Henne and Tyler Thigpen.

It's a move that will allow Thigpen to continue developing as a No. 2 quarterback (he'll get more repetitions in camp), while also allowing Pennington to make a full, patient recovery from last year's shoulder surgery.

Personally, I think this is good news, because Henne will be able to focus on being "the guy", and Thigpen actually has potential that I would like to see explored. But the most interesting aspect of the lineup isn't about who is third.... it is about who is out. Pat White will be the 4th guy, which in general football terms mean "extra".

I will be very curious to see what this means for White.

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