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Ryan Clark spends day visiting with Dolphins, re-signs with Steelers

In what is a bit of a surprise, safety Ryan Clark has re-signed with the Steelers, according to various media outlets. This comes after Clark landed in Miami yesterday and told some Miami writers that he hoped to sign with the Dolphins during his visit on Monday.

The Dolphins are now left to wonder how they plan to fill their void at free safety following the release of Gibril Wilson last week.

While on the surface it seems as though Clark simply used the Dolphins as leverage for a better deal with the Steelers, Clark's agent insists it wasn't about the money. In fact, agent Joel Turner says that Clark actually left money on the table to return to Pittsburgh on a four year deal.

So what was it about?

"This is no indictment in any way of the Dolphins organization," Turner said. "He just didn’t want to be there. Those guys were great. They treated him great, showed him a good time. They’re going to be successful with him or without him. He just felt he needed to be somewhere else."

"[Clark's family] is happy. I would hope anybody with a family could understand that. Anybody who doesn’t have a family and can’t understand that, I hope someday they will."

So where do the Dolphins turn now?