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Dansby speaks with media, talks about his role and why he chose Miami

The Dolphins still haven't "officially" announced the signing of LB Karlos Dansby. But Jeff Darlington just tweeted moments ago that the contract is done and Dansby is on his way to the facility to sign it. Regardless, Dansby and his wife were house shopping in South Florida today. However, Karlos still found some time to chat with the local media via telephone.

[Editor's Note: The Dolphins have now officially announced the signing of Karlos Dansby.]

And when you read the things he told the Palm Bech Post's Edgar Thompson and Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington, it's hard not to be excited for both Dansby and the team.

So why did Karlos choose the Dolphins (other than that huge contract, of course)? Well when he showed up to the facility on Friday he saw over 40 Dolphin players working out as part of the team's offseason training program.

"That showed me their commitment to winning. This organization is doing whatever it needs to do to facilitate these guys and make them feel comfortable. That's what sold me, to be honest.''

Dansby also added, via Thompson's Twitter page, that this is "how we did it in Arizona. That’s why we went to the Super Bowl that year. But the year after, we had only 15 to 20 guys working out."

But that wasn't the only reason. The presence of Bill Parcells made a difference as well:

"Why? I say, Bill Parcells is why. Parcells and the moves he’s making to win a championship and build a dynasty. He builds winners."

"He told me I was a helluva player and he liked how I played the game. I took that to heart and I just tried to get better each year and each year. He still sees the same guy that he saw then. For him to believe in me like that, can’t pass on an opportunity like that.

"We had a great conversation (Friday). He’s expecting the same kind of player in Miami. I’m like, ‘Coach, whatever you need.’"

So what's Dansby's role going to be in Miami?

"I'm an inside guy. Me and Channing are on the inside. I'm looking forward to playing with him. And we've got a lot of young outside guys with a lot of talent. I'm looking forward to playing with those young guys. They'll keep me motivated!''

Karlos had some praise for Channing, too, saying Crowder "is on the rise, man. He's going to be good."

All that's left now is for Dansby to start working with his new teammates and proving he's worth that big contract. And he can't wait to get started:

"I'm excited. I've got to get rooted here. Time to get into the mix and earn some respect."