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Dolphins re-sign Chad Pennington

Just hours after coming to terms with LB Karlos Dansby, the Dolphins have made another move. ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Dolphins and QB Chad Pennington have come to terms on a one year deal that is worth $2.5 million.

Yesterday it was reported that the Dolphins and Pennington were close to a new one year deal. But the talks hit a snag when Pennington requested a no-trade clause as part of the deal. It wasn't an unreasonable request, either. Pennington wanted to return to Miami for many reasons, one of which being his family that liked South Florida and didn't want to have to move. So Chad wanted to ensure the Dolphins wouldn't eventually trade him if another team came calling.

But the two sides have found middle ground. The contract the two sides agreed on will pay Pennington an additional $1.515 million if the Dolphins were to trade Chad. That means his $2.5 million salary would become a deal worth just over $4 million if he was traded by the Dolphins in 2010.

Mortensen also writes that Pennington's "primary goal is to strengthen is surgically repaired shoulder throughout the year, mentor the team's young quarterbacks and provide insurance at the position if he's needed to play, a team source said."

Some will question the move - but I, for one, love it. Pennington clearly knows his role on this team. Peter King tweeted yesterday that Pennington would be "content backing up" in Miami and that the starting job "solidly" belongs to Chad Henne. So don't buy into the "quarterback controversy" crap that some will try igniting. Pennington simply loves living in South Florida and loves this organization. He knows his role and will do it well. He's the ultimate professional. And in my opinion, this move will benefit Chad Henne - not hurt him.

But what will the Dolphins do with their other backup quarterbacks? Pat White and Tyler Thigpen remain on the roster. Could one of them be trade bait for a draft pick?