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What does Brackett's new deal mean for Dansby?

The Colts today re-signed starting middle linebacker Gary Brackett. His deal is a 5 year deal reportedly worth $33 million, with $12 million in guaranteed money. And Adam Schefter just said on ESPN that "other defensive players who are out there will look that this deal as a benchmark."

If Gary Brackett, a very good player himself but not on the level of Karlos Dansby, is getting nearly $7 million per year, how much would the Dolphins have to shell out to Dansby if they want to prevent him from leaving their facility today without a signed contract? Nine million a year is definitely attainable for Karlos. But would the Dolphins do that - especially with the $25 million or so Dansby wants in guaranteed money.

This Dolphins' front office is notoriously "stingy" in that they refuse to over-pay for a player's services. They have a figure in their head and they simply won't go above it. But with teams like the Redskins - and even his former team, the Cardinals - likely waiting for Dansby to leave Miami so that he can make visits to their facilities, can the Dolphins take the risk of setting that figure in their head and not going above it even if it would prevent Dansby from leaving?

We should know more as the day progresses.