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NFL Free Agency Begins: The Live Late-Night Rumor Thread

Well it's here, everybody. The NFL is entering uncharted waters as free agency begins without a salary cap. It's going to be very interesting to see what happens. And this is the place to stay up to date tonight. I don't expect any signings in the early morning hours tonight. But I do expect a ton of rumors - which is exactly what this thread is for.

I'll keep this post updated with the various news and rumors from all of the legitimate writers and sites. So talk it up below in the comments but also be sure to keep refreshing this page for the latest updates. The most recent updates will be at the top. And if you come across a rumor, post the link in the comments and I'll add it to the running list.

Let the fun begin...

Update, 2:05 am - That's it for the updates tonight. Time to get some sleep. Hopefully we'll have some good news at some point tomorrow.

Update, 1:35 - As we know, Karlos Dansby will be visiting Miami on Friday - as he confirmed on ESPN just after midnight. That will be his first visit. But Dansby has said he plans on taking all of his free agency visits to see where he fits in. Says Karlos:

"But Washington is definitely a place I'm looking at. My gate is wide open right now. I'm going to take every visit. I'm going in to every team to see what type of the piece of the puzzle will I be. I want to fit in just right. I want to be in a perfect situation and do my part. That's what I'm looking for in these organizations. I'm still waiting on my agent to text me back about [visits] as we speak, but Miami is definitely one of 'em right now. I'm going to go down there to see how I would fit in Miami."

I'm serious, people. We can't let Dansby leave without a deal. I hope this front office and these coaches pull out all the stops to impress him. And hopefully his former Auburn teammate, Ronnie Brown, is there helping in the recruiting process.

Update, 1:29 Chris Mortensen is reporting that the Dolphins and Pennington have hit a snap in their contract talks. CP reportedly wants a no-trade clause and Dolphins apparently not to keen on that idea right now. Two sides were close to a one year, $2.5 million deal on Thursday prior to this new issue. Mort also adds that CP agreed to be a mentor for Henne and Tyler Thigpen - who the Dolphins are "impressed with." Interesting to see how this unfolds now.

Update, 1:06 - King also adds that Pennington will be "content backing up" and calls the starting job Chad Henne's "solidly." So that should end the crazy QB competition talk. I love the move, if it happens.

Update, 12:48 - Peter King just tweeted that Chad Pennington "wants to stay in Miami" and that "with Chad it's not about the money." I'll take him. I know some of you don't want him back. But if he knows his role, then why the heck not?

Update, 12:23 - Adam Schefter just said on ESPN that Peppers will be in Chicago on Friday and that the Bears will do whatever it takes to prevent him from leaving without a contract. If that's the case, the Dolphins have got to do the same with Dansby. Don't let the Redskins - who want Peppers but will "settle" for Dansby - have a shot at Karlos. Bill Parcells needs to physically restrain Dansby from leaving without a contract tomorrow - if that's what it takes.

Update, 12:14 - Karlos Dansby was just on ESPN's NFL Live. He said he's just trying to take this process one second at a time. He just got off the phone with his agent who said the first offer has come in from...the Dolphins! He will be visiting Miami on Friday. But his agent is also talking to at least two other teams. Landing Karlos is not going to be easy, folks. But it's nice to know that our front office was on the phone with Dansby's representation as soon as the clock struck midnight. That's got to count for something, right?


Update, 12:09 - There are reports out there that Miami might be interested in WR Derrick Mason. But why? That would make no sense. Meanwhile, Julius Pepper's agent is reporting that Peppers has agreed to visit Chicago. If the Bears were to get him, I can see Washington offering Karlos a boatload of money.


Update, 12:01 - The Dolphins are expected to release Joey Porter on Friday, according to Sun-Sentinel. They've also edited their original story about Karlos Dansby. They originally reported that Dansby would be on a plane to Miami at 10 pm pacific tonight. They've edited their post to now say he's not expected to be on a flight to Miami tonight. But that doesn't mean the Dolphins aren't going hard after Karlos. They are one of various reports claiming the Dolphins will be makign a strong push for the linebacker. Omar Kelly reported on his blog that the bidding for Karlos will come down to the Dolphins, Redskins, and Giants - though NY is rumored to be no longer interested in Dansby.

If Julius Peppers lands in Washington, as it's expected, then it'll help clear the way for Dansby to end up in Miami. Kelly also tweeted, though, that he's hearing Atlanta might be interested in the former Cardinals linebacker.

The Dolphins also reportedly have a 5 year offer on the table to free safety Antrel Rolle (who didn't have to wait until midnight since he was cut by Arizona and wasn't a scheduled free agent). But Rolle is scheduled to visit the Giants on Friday. It'll be interesting to see what Rolle values more - cash or playing in his home town.