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Pre-Midnight Dolphins Rumor Thread

Well the rumors are flying and I know you all want to discuss them. So we'll keep this post open until my "post midnight free agency thread" that will go up later tonight once free agency begins.

I will update this with news as I hear it (I won't be around computer consistently until 11:30ish, though). The latest updates will be at the top of this post. So be sure to refresh this page often to stay up to date. Also, if any of you find a cool rumor from a legitimate source, post it below as a comment and I'll update this post with the info.

Update, 10:40 - The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Karlos Dansby will be boarding a plane at 10 pm pacific headed to Miami. But Mike Berardino is tweeting that a source close to Karlos is ticked off about this report and is denying it. Meanwhile, the same SS report claims the Dolphins have made a 5 year offer to free agent safety Antrel Rolle. But that offer was below the $8 million per year Rolle wants. Adam Schefter is reporting that the Dolphins are one of four teams showing interest in Rolle. So I guess the question is how much does Rolle really want to be in Miami.

Update, 10:35 - The Jets have acquired Antonio Cromartie from SD in exchange for a 2011 3rd round pick that could move to a 2nd based on performance, according to Adam Schefter.

Update, 9:36 - Jeff Darlington is "quadruple confirming" that Dansby is not on his way to Miami tonight - via his Twitter page.

Update, 9:00 - We've heard contradicting reports about Karlos Dansby and if he's going to be flying to South Florida tonight. Like I said, though, it could just be that the Dolphins are putting "leaking" info that refutes the original report of Dansby flying to Miami tonight simply to avoid tampering issues.

Meanwhile, the Giants are reportedly not going to be involved in the bidding for Dansby. The Redskins are rumored be major players for Karlos. But their number one priority is believed to be Julius Peppers. So if the Dolphins want Dansby, I'd suggest they make a strong play for him as soon as possible before the Peppers sweepstakes comes to an end. While Washington is tied up in the Peppers competition, the Dolphins will have a golden opportunity to steal the top linebacker available this offseason - for a steep price, of course.

There's also a lot of talk of Chad Pennington returning to Miami.

And the Miami Herald is reporting that Antrel Rolle is already in talks with up to three teams on a new deal. He was released this week so he's able to meet with teams and sign before midnight tonight. I believe that Rolle so badly wants to be in Miami that the Dolphins could get a relatively decent deal from him...if they want him.

Stay tuned - the night is still very young!