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Dolphins preseason scheduled announced

While the dates and times haven't been locked down, what we do know is who the Dolphins will play in the preseason and roughly when the game will be played. We also know that the Dolphins will not play in any nationally televised preseason games.

Here's what Miami's schedule looks like:

Week 1 (August 12-16): Bucs at Dolphins
Week 2 (August 19-23): Dolphins at Jaguars
Week 3 (August 26-29): Falcons at Dolphins
Week 4 (September 2-3): Dolphins at Cowboys

I'll admit I'm surprised to see a trip to Dallas to close the preseason. But it doesn't really matter much at all.

Official dates and times should follow in the coming days and/or weeks.

And you can see the complete NFL preseason schedule right here.