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Dolphins tender Ronnie Brown and Anthony Fasano

Remember how it was reported a while back that Ronnie Brown was actually signed for the 2010 season in the event there was no salary cap? Well that wasn't entirely accurate. Instead it was actually an option that both the team and the player had to exercise. The Dolphins, however, did not exercise the $5 million option.

What the Dolphins did do was put the first round tender offer on Brown, paying him $3.97 million in 2010. Of course, as a restricted free agent, other teams can sign Brown to an offer sheet, at which time the Fins would have seven days to match. If Miami decided not to match, they would receive the signing team's first round pick in April's draft.

Considering Ronnie is coming off of his second season-ending injury in three years, it's hard to imagine any other team willing to give up a first rounder for a 28 year old back with a bit of an injury history. And by not exercising Brown's option, the Dolphins saved over a million dollars on their '10 salary. Smart move.

The Dolphins also used the "original round" tender on RFA Anthony Fasano. Fasano was a second round pick, meaning the Dolphins would receive a second rounder from a team hoping to sign the tight end away.