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Dolphins need to get it together and re-sign Jason Taylor

Yes, that's right. For the second time in a week, I'm questioning a decision by this front office. And I know many will criticize me because fans are supposed to "blindly follow" their team's front office - at least, that's what these people believe. These people believe that since Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland are professionals that they can do no wrong and us peons shouldn't criticize their decisions.

Of course, those of us with half a brain know that we're all entitled to our opinions. And as one of those who have at least half a brain (I think), I feel compelled to again question this front office. Earlier this week I couldn't help but wonder if it was really in this team's best interest to trade guard Justin Smiley. But now an even bigger issue, in my opinion, is beginning to come to light.

It all started on Tuesday when Tony Sparano was referring to Jason Taylor - who remains a free agent - in the past tense. But now a Miami Herald article forces this story to the forefront. The report claims that the Dolphins have basically been ignoring Taylor's calls as he seeks to return to Miami for at least another season. And Armando Salguero makes it clear that Taylor wants to be nowhere else but Miami in 2010, adding:

Taylor had the surgery because he wants to play again in 2010 and perhaps beyond. Taylor had the surgery because he believes he can still contribute to an NFL team. Despite this, Taylor has put up a virtual stop sign on free agency because he doesn't want to go on visits, he doesn't want test the market.

He simply wants to re-sign with the Dolphins...

Taylor declined to speak to me about this topic because he doesn't wish to do or say anything that might portray the Dolphins in a negative light. Even in that regard, he is a Bill Parcells player through and through.

But it is no secret he's getting nervous about his future.

So what the hell are the Dolphins waiting for here? This team needs outside linebackers. This team needs leaders. Taylor is both. And while the Dolphins continue to leave Taylor hanging, the rest of their team reported to the facility on Monday to begin their offseason training program - which we know is a very important element in the eyes of this front office and coaching staff. And yet, the Dolphins are in no rush to bring in Jason and let him rehab at the team's facility and take part in their offseason conditioning.

What gives here? Are the Dolphins even interested in bringing JT back? I'm beginning to think they are not.

In my opinion, that's the wrong decision here. Does Jason Taylor make this team better in 2010? Yes. Plain and simple. He was the team's best (or at least most consistent) linebacker in 2009 despite playing about a third of the season with a bum shoulder.

Maybe I'm just crazy. All I know is if I was in charge of the Miami Dolphins, I would have already re-signed Jason Taylor. And every day that goes by with Taylor still unsigned reduces the likelihood he returns to Miami.