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Dolphins owner wants more early season late games

Now we know why the Dolphins had virtually no early season 1 pm games in 2009 - and why it's likely the Dolphins will have minimal early season 1 pm games in 2010 and beyond. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said on Monday that he put in a request to the league for just that - fewer 1 pm games in September and October.

Said Ross:

"Our goal is to have as few games at 1 p.m. in the early part of the season as possible. We’ve let the league know that. Last year was a great schedule. If I can duplicate that schedule we’ve done a great job..."

"The fact is when you see you’re winning but still see empty orange seats, and they [the fans] really want to be there, which would you choose? I like night games, four o’clock games, that kind of stuff earlier in the year….We’ve let the league know we’d prefer not to have one o’clock games early in September…. It makes for better football fans when you’re there and watching the game."

Since I don't live in South Florida and don't get to many home games in Miami, maybe I'm the wrong person to comment here. But I'll comment anyways.

I don't like this one bit. Playing in the heat and humidity of 1 pm games is an advantage the Dolphins have enjoyed in September and October for years. And I do think it benefits the Dolphins. But now Ross wants to remove that natural home-field advantage. And for what? Ticket sales? Money? Really?

Here's the bottom line. When this franchise was a contender year after year, they didn't have any problems selling out home games - even those early season 1 pm games out in the hot South Florida sun. This decision, in my opinion, is not in the best interest of the team. And it's the first decision by Ross as owner that I really don't like. Not one bit.

But what about all of you who attend games. Are you in favor of the owner's request to play as few early season 1 pm games as possible?