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Video Time: Safety Draft Prospects

It's time for another edition of our weekly "video time" post. This week we'll focus on some safeties who are available in next month's draft. We all know that the Dolphins need to find somebody to compete with Chris Clemons and Tyrone Culver at the now vacant free safety position.

It could be an early pick or it could be a late pick. But you have to believe that the Dolphins will draft a safety at some point during the draft.

The videos are after the jump...

First up is my favorite - Eric Berry. While I still doubt he'll be available at number 12, I refuse to rule out the possibility completely. Stranger things have happened.

Next is Texas safety Earl Thomas, who is a legitimate candidate for the 12th overall pick:

USC safety Taylor Mays had a great Combine and is a physical freak. But I really don't see him as a solid safety at the pro level. He just struggles in coverage - not a good trait for a safety. I see his career going like the career of Thomas Davis, who was a college safety who then switched to outside linebacker upon being drafted:

USF's Nate Allen is among my favorites out of the second tier safeties:

And I'll end this with Reshad Jones, a player the Dolphins are reportedly interested in. But I just wonder if he can play free safety at the next level or if he's more of a strong safety: