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Video Time: Outside Linebacker Prospects

Without a doubt, outside linebacker is clearly a position of need for the Dolphins. Even if the Dolphins do re-sign Jason Taylor - and that's no sure thing, either - the Dolphins will likely draft at least one outside linebacker in next month's draft, likely earlier rather than later. So this week's "video time" will focus on some of the best outside linebackers that will be available.

All of the videos are below after the jump. Enjoy.

First up - my official 2010 "mancrush" - other than Eric Berry, that is: TCU pass-rusher Jerry Hughes.

Next up is Michigan's Brandon Graham, a player that the Dolphins are rumored to be interested in.

Sergio Kindle is another guy who many love.

And USC's Everson Griffen is a guy who is rising up draft boards around the NFL.