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Fan's Pulse: The Dolphins' biggest need?

It seems as though the Dolphins' activity in free agency is slowing. Outside of their one big signing, Miami has been relatively quiet. While I'd expect another move or two between now and the draft in April - nothing big, of course - it's clear that the Dolphins will head into next month's draft with a number of holes to fill.

The signing of Karlos Dansby, in my opinion, removes inside linebacker from the Dolphins' needs list. However there are still many areas this front office can address to improve this football team for 2010. So my question to all of you is simple: which need should currently be considered the Dolphins' biggest need?

The poll below lists what I think are currently Miami's top four needs - in no particular order. I've quickly touched on the four positions below. So read them, cast your vote, and then tell us why you voted the way you did.

Wide Receiver - This should come as no surprise. We've all talked about this over and over. While I feel like the makings of a solid receiving corps is currently in place, the one major piece of the puzzle missing - and hardest piece to find - is that true number one receiver, a player who can make plays. The Dolphins need that guy who can go up and make tough catches in traffic, keep the opposing defense honest, and create chunk yardage. The Dolphins were 22nd in yards after the catch in 2009. Until the Dolphins find that big play, YAC type of receiver, this offense will be limited.

Nose Tackle - Even with the re-signing of the aging (and suspended) Jason Ferguson, the Dolphins have got to find their long-term answer for the nose tackle position. It may be the single most important position in a 3-4 defense. And if it isn't, it's definitely in the top two or three as far as its importance to the success of a 3-4. It's not a coincidence that a rushing defense that was ranked in the top five in the league with Ferguson plummeted to 18th in the NFL by the season's end once Jason suffered his season-ending injury. As it stands now, Paul Soliai will be the starting nose tackle for the first eight games of 2010. Is anybody out there comfortable knowing that? I didn't think so.

Outside Linebacker - This is the other critical part of a 3-4 defense. The reason the Steelers have been so dominant defensively for all of these years has been thanks to, in large part, consistently good play from their outside linebackers. If the season began today, Cameron Wake and Charlie Anderson would be this team's starters at the two OLB spots. Yikes! While Wake showed flashes last season and will likely improve in 2010, I don't know if he's ready to be a full-time starter. And Anderson is a solid role player who just is not a starting caliber NFL linebacker. I do hope to see Jason Taylor re-signed. But even still, this position has to be - and will be - addressed in next month's draft. The question isn't if, but in what round will the Dolphins target this position.

Free Safety - Despite Jeff Ireland's words at the Scouting Combine about Gibril Wilson, he was handed his pink slip on the first day of free agency - leaving a void in the secondary (though even with Wilson, there was still a void at FS). The Dolphins missed out on Antrel Rolle and Ryan Clark and now currently have Tyrone Culver or Chris Clemons penciled in as the starting free safety. But let's face it - if this front office had any faith in either of these two, they wouldn't have made major contract offers to Rolle and Clark. The Dolphins need to find a safety to pair with one of the most under-rated strong safeties in the league.

So have at it. What is this team's biggest need right now?