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Super Bowl XLIV Open Thread

6:25 pm, CBS
Line: Colts -6

After two weeks of hype, the game is finally here. It should be an entertaining game - hopefully. It's rare that the Super Bowl turns into an offensive shoot-out. But if there ever was a chance of a high-scoring duel between two great quarterbacks with the championship on the line, this match-up is it.

As I do every year, I'll be rooting for overtime. We've come close to seeing OT in the Super Bowl a couple of times. But we never quite make it. And the only way the NFL will ever change its terrible OT system is if a team loses the Super Bowl in OT without ever touching the football. So we'll see.

As far as a pick goes, I like the Colts to win by a touchdown, 31-24.

If you're around during the game, this is the place to chat it up. And if you haven't yet cast your votes for our latest awards, click here to do so.

Also, SB Nation is trying something new. We're running an open thread on that is welcoming anyone with an SBN account. It's a pretty cool idea and you can check it out here.

Enjoy the game, everybody!