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"The Matty Awards" - Voting, Part 4

It's time for the conclusion of the voting process for the 2nd annual "Matty Awards." After these five awards, all that will be left to vote on will be the Hall of Fame. Then we can get to unveiling the winners.

The five awards we're voting on now are listed below. The official polls are after the jump.

The Davone Bess Little Guy Award - given to the best underage blogger (17 and under).

The Larry Csonka Old Guard Award - given to the best older blogger (40 and up).

The Patrick Cobbs Award - given to the hardest working do-everything blogger at the Phinsider.

The Zach Thomas Leadership Award - given to the blogger who best exemplifies sportsmanship and level-headedness when posting and commenting.

The Bill Parcells Award - given to the blogger with the most insightful and knowledgeable posts and comments.

The nominees and voting tool can be found after the jump (so as to not clog up the front page too much).  Voting for these 5 awards closes on Tuesday at 10:30 pm eastern.  Happy voting and good luck to the nominees...

Note: There is no "campaigning" within 100 feet of the polls (aka - anywhere on this website).

Polls closed.