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Final Push: Voting for "BOB" Awards ends Monday

Well this is it. Voting for the Sun-Sentinel's "Best of Blogs" Awards ends at 10 am eastern on Monday. So it will all come down to this weekend.

And right now, while we are first in the "sports" category, we are only in second place overall.

So why should you care? There are many reasons, some of which are documented after the jump. But the biggest reason, in my opinion, is that - as the blogger over at "Photography Is Not A Crime" points out - this is nothing more than a "popularity contest." And PINAC is urging their readers to vote and is currently in first place overall, one spot ahead of us. But I know that we have the best - and most dedicated - community on the internet. So I'm urging all of you to take this personally and vote for our community once per day between now and Monday.

You can vote for us both in the "sports" category as well as in the "best overall blog" category. Directions on how to do so and more reasons why you should (the author of the blog currently in first dissed the Dolphins, for example) are after the jump.

And P.S. - I know some are probably sick of hearing about this. But this is the last post I will make about this competition. After all, we got the Combine and free agency to worry about now!

So let me break it down for you to show you step by step how easy it is to vote:

There are two separate places to vote. Here's what you need to do.

1. Create a free Sun-Sentinel account (requires valid e-mail address). Click here to do that.

2. Click here and scroll down to the category of "sports" and click the "vote" link under The Phinsider.

3. Click here to vote for The Phinsider as the best overall blog in South Florida. You can type in "The Phinsider" into the search box on the screen. Then click on "The Phinsider" when it pops up and click "vote for best overall."

That's all - you're done!

So what are more reasons you should vote? How about how arrogant the blogger over at PINAC seems to be, writing:

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel Best of Blogs Awards contest has become more of a popularity contest than an indicator of who has the best blog down here. Otherwise, I would be in first place rather than eighth place in the Best Overall Blog Standings. And I know that’s tooting my own horn, but I’ll throw this blog against any other South Florida blog as far as number of readers, comments, Alexa ranking and national impact goes.

Or how about the shot he took at our Miami Dolphins:

If The Phinsider is anything like the Miami Dolphins, it will fizzle out in the final round.

He also goes on to talk about ridiculous stats like his "Alexa ranking" and other pointless web stats. But here's the bottom line: we have a kick-ass community. He has posts with like 10 comments...on a good day.

So take two minutes each day over the next few days and vote for our outstanding community! After all, it's inhumane if you don't! Not to mention, I'm sending Jake Long, Justin Smiley, and Jake Grove after all of you if we don't win this thing.

Let's get it done!!

And thanks for all the support!