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Report: Dolphins "will pay" Karlos Dansby

In what will likely be the first of many rumors of the next week and a half leading up to the start of free agency on March 5, Greg A Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is hearing at the Scouting Combine that the Dolphins really want Cardinals free agent LB Karlos Dansby. ProFootballTalk highlights the following tweet from Bedard, who is in Indianapolis at the Combine:

First combine buzz: Word on the street is Dolphins will pay Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby.

Well alright then.

Who knows if this has any truth behind it or if it's just more speculation or "misinformation" that runs rampant this time of the year. Of course, we did talk at length about the potential of the Dolphins making a play for Karlos. And in that post, I highlight what Dansby himself said on a Miami radio station - publicly declaring his interest in playing for the Dolphins (and who can blame him).

So food for thought as you all head off to bed tonight. In just over a week, could the Dolphins be inking a shiny new inside linebacker?

Hat tip to "qbinfin" and "special agent wildcat."