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'The Matty Awards' - Hall of Fame announcement

Well it's finally time. Last year, we inducted the first class into the Joe Robbie Memorial Phinsider Hall of Fame. And now it's finally time to announce who will be joining the class of 2009.

Again, it's important to stress how much of an honor it is to even be nominated, nevermind get inducted, for our Hall of Fame. Nearly 400 people took time out of their day to cast their ballot and vote for up to four of the many nominees. Those who are being inducted today all earned over 40% of the vote. That's something to be proud of, in my opinion. But below I've also listed everyone who received at least 10% of the vote. Why? Because I think it's an honor to have even earned that high of a figure considering the number of truly outstanding nominees on this year's ballot.

But enough of my rambling. Let's get to the official announcement...

The four people being inducted into the Joe Robbie Memorial Hall of Fame in 2010 are:

Mosul_DolFan - who was included on 72.4% of the ballots.
LeftCoastFinFan - who was included on 51.1% of the ballots.
MrMedic - who was included on 42.1% of the ballots.
Neo - who was included on 41.4% of the ballots.

Congratulations to those four, earning the well-deserved honor!

These next nine people were included on at least 10% of the ballots that were cast:

Ohiofinfan4life - 34.1%
Patssuck456 - 30.2%
MiamihastheDolphins - 17.1%
El Presidente 00 - 16.3%
Natalya - 16.3%
MauMontaV5 - 13.2%
Finsxfactor - 11.2%
Alpha6 - 10.2%
W NY Fins Fan - 10.1%

Congrats to those nine above! And congratulations to everyone who is a part of the best Dolphins community on the 'net! This place wouldn't be the place it is today with out all of the contributions from the nearly 3,500 members of this site.

With that, this concludes the 2009-2010 Matty Awards. I hope you enjoyed the process. I leave you with the following song...