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Report: Dolphins CB Will Allen arrested for DUI

A source has confirmed to ProFootballTalk that Dolphins CB Will Allen has been arrested for driving under the influence in Miami last night.

The information initially came from a tipster who says that Allen was driving a Ferrari (his pet name for it possibly is "Lockout Fund"). 

As we hear it, Allen was arrested without being pulled over; he was waiting in traffic and making a ruckus and police who came to his vehicle determined Allen was possibly under the influence.

This comes less than a week after Allen declared that he will start next year, telling the media they can "put that wherever you want."

But for Will, this would be the second time - assuming it's accurate - that he has had legal issues while a member of the Dolphins. Back in the spring of 2008, Allen was involved in some kind of altercation over money that may or may not have resulted in Will pulling a gun in a Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot.

It'll be interesting to see how this front office now handles Will's latest incident - assuming it did indeed happen as reported by PFT.

**Update: The spokesperson for the Miami Beach Police is confirming Allen's arrest. As of this afternoon, Allen is actually still in police custody. Allen was arrested at around 3:30 am today with a blood alcohol level of 0.152 - almost double the legal limit of 0.8. And here's Allen's beautiful mug shot. Awesome.