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Joey Porter throws a hissy fit on the radio, showing the kind of "leader" he is

Regardless of what side you're on, you have to appreciate the difference between an immature loud mouth like Joey Porter and the maturity of Tony Sparano. Even after having to bench Porter for not coming off the field during a game when a substitution was made by the coaching staff, Sparano refused to go public with what went down. He always says he wants to handle these situations in-house. And rarely does he ever publicly say anything derogatory about his players.

The same can't be said about Porter - who just can't seem to shut the hell up this past week. The latest fine "Peezy quotes" come from radio interviews he did on Tuesday.

Porter told WQAM:

"I don't have time to be play these childish games. If you want to put Cameron Wake and them in the game, go ahead. Good luck to you."

"Let me go find a job somewhere else."

As if that's not bad enough, Porter added how he feels about his (hopefully former) teammates:

"All the guys in my [meeting] room, love 'em to death, but of the outside linebackers, I'm the best one we got. Period."

Hmm - I wonder if Jason Taylor would have a thing or two to say about that.

Regardless, is anyone out there still on Porter's side here?

Enough is enough. I'm sick of Porter's childish games. Why couldn't this have been said behind closed doors to Sparano or Jeff Ireland? Oh, I know - because Porter loves attention and this was just a way to get his name in the headlines again. The only other way Porter made headlines in 2009 was by talking crap about the Patriots and then failing to even record a single tackle in that game.


Somebody needs to tell this tool that he's not the player he once was. Time to get him the hell out of Miami ASAP.

Addition by subtraction. That's what ridding ourselves of this douche will be. Addition by subtraction.