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Parcells says Dolphins "interested" in upgrading the wide receiver position

It's rare that Bill Parcells ever talks publicly about the Dolphins. He may be running the team's football operations, but he's all but a ghost to the media. However, Parcells did open up a little bit on Monday, taking part in a live chat on In this chat, Parcells talks about a lot of things - with a few of the nuggets, of course, being related to the Dolphins.

One of the questions Parcells was asked was about the team's interest in bringing in a number one receiver for Chad Henne. Bill's response was short, but potentially insightful:

"We'd be interested in the position. But they have to be available, we can't invent them."

So what do we make out of this? Well at least we know the Dolphins do have at least some interest in acquiring a top receiver. But how?

It seems as though Bill saying "they have to be available" would lead you to believe he was talking about bringing in a veteran - not drafting a potential number one receiver. But we're also slowly nearing the draft and it's the time of year when "misinformation" runs rampant.

For fun, though, let's take what he said literally and talk about some of the number one receivers who could potentially be available.

Anquan Boldin - Boldin is still under contract for 2010 at $3 million. But it's believed by some that the Cardinals will try their hardest to trade him this offseason. But he's going to be 30 in October and has missed ten regular season games in the past three seasons - having played just one full 16 game season since his rookie year.

Brandon Marshall - We already talked at length about Marshall. He's one of the most gifted receivers in the league but brings a ton of baggage with him. The Denver Post thinks Brandon, who is a restricted free agent, will be traded as soon as the new league year begins in March. But what's his price tag going to be and is it worth all the "extras" that he would bring?

Vincent Jackson - Jackson really exploded in 2009, finishing 9th in the league in receiving yards. And at 6'5, 230, he possesses a unique skill set. But he's a restricted free agent (assuming there is no new CBA reached before March) and signing him would be costly - in terms of money and draft picks that would need to be surrendered.

Chad Ochocinco - Mr. Ochocinco - or the man formerly known as Chad Johnson - seems to go back and forth between wishing to remain in Cincinnati and wanting out. He loves the city of Miami, though, and I'm sure would like to play for the Dolphins if the opportunity presented itself. But he's 32 years old and his production has dropped off the past two seasons. He's also under contract with the Bengals for two more seasons at $5 million and $6 million respectively.

Miles Austin - Austin is a Jersey kid and was drafted by Dallas when Bill Parcells was still there. He's a great example of a team "inventing" a number one receiver. But he's coming off of a breakout season, is a restricted free agent, and is a favorite of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The odds he's available come March are very slim. And even if he was, he'd cost the Dolphins some very high draft picks.

Terrell Owens - T.O. is a free agent following his one year stint in Buffalo. He's 36 years old and his past two seasons have been pedestrian relative to the kind of player Owens once was. And we all know about the baggage he would bring.

Antonio Bryant - Bryant was drafted by Dallas when Parcells was still there. But he and Parcells clashed in Dallas and it's known that he wasn't exactly a favorite of Bill's. He'll be 29 in March and has really only had one great season.

That's pretty much it in terms of potential number one receivers who could become available. Some of the top "second tier" receivers who will be free agents include Kevin Walter, Steve Breaston, and Malcom Floyd.

Of course, there's also always the draft. And I'm not sure why Parcells said you can't "invent" a number one receiver. That's been done plenty of times before. You just have to find the right guy - no easy task, of course.

So what do you think? We know the Dolphins are at least looking for a top receiver. Will they get one? And how?