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'The Matty Awards' - Unveiling the winners, part 3

Let's get on with announcing the next set of winners in the 2nd annual 'Matty Awards.'

The next five awards and their winners are after the jump. All of these awards had around 300 votes.

After this, there are only four more awards to hand out before announcing the Hall of Fame class of 2010.

The Garo Yepremian Funny Like a Clown Award - given to the funniest blogger.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Little Nicky 21, with 29% of the vote. Texascowpunk was 2nd.

This is Nicky's fifth career 'Matty Award.'

The Larry Csonka Old Guard Award - given to the best older blogger (40 and up).

And 'The Matty' goes to...

LeftCoastFinFan, with 27% of the vote. Ohiofinfan4life was 2nd.

This is LCFF's second career award.

The Davone Bess Little Guy Award - given to the best underage blogger (17 and under).

And 'The Matty' goes to...

KDog92, with 40% of the vote. El presidente 00 was 2nd.

This is KDog92's first 'Matty Award.'

The Patrick Cobbs Award - given to the hardest working do-everything blogger at the Phinsider.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Mosul_DolFan, with 27% of the vote. Uncle finster and Patssuck456 tied for 2nd place.

This is Mosul_DolFan's third career award.

The Chad Henne Goo Cannon Award - given to the blogger who received the most rec's on fanposts and comments. Bonus points for Green comments and ‘recommended fanposts.' This was not voted on. The winner is determined by a formula I put together that involves the # of "rec's per fanpost/comment) and is weighted based on various variables.

And 'The Matty' goes to...


This is Mosul_DolFan's fourth career award.

Congrats to these winners!!