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Fan's Pulse: Rolando McClain or Dez Bryant for the Dolphins?

There are obviously going to a lot of debates between now and April's NFL Draft. Fans and the front office alike will have a number of discussions breaking down the various potential draft scenarios.

On Wednesday, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. spoke with the media on a national conference call and he touched on one of the potential internal debates that the Dolphins will likely have over the next couple of months - receiver or linebacker in round one?

The Dolphins have obvious needs at both positions and Kiper thinks that while Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain would be the likely pick if he's on the board, Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant could certainly be in the discussion if he's also available.

Kiper says about McClain:

"He’s a heck of a player. Worthy of being that high a choice. He’s always been regarded as an elite player - he has a lot of fire and intensity, sets the tone, has a Ray Lewis-type enthusiasm for the game. This is an inside linebacker who looks like an outside linebacker."

But then Mel talks about how Bryant - if he's still available - could cause the Dolphins to re-think things, saying the Dolphins "need wide receiver help, so it’ll be a heck of a discussion if he’s still on the board."

But Mel thinks that when push comes to shove Bill Parcells will have the final decision and it'll be too hard for him to pass on the stud linebacker from Alabama:

"You look at Parcells when he was with the Giants and at other places, he loves linebackers that have that type of ability, especially guys with his kind of size too, with LT and Carl Banks and those type of guys. This is an inside linebacker that looks like an outside linebacker."

So that brings me to my question for you all: if both Bryant and McClain are still on the board when the Dolphins are on the clock in April, which player would you like to see the Dolphins draft? And assume the Dolphins do not add a linebacker like Karlos Dansby or a receiver like Anquan Boldin prior to the draft. Which talented college player would you most want to see in Miami?

If you ask me, I'm starting to lean more towards Bryant. Why? I think Dez is an elite talent and the Dolphins have been searching for an elite receiver for years now. He'd give Chad Henne that go-to play-maker on the outside and take this offense to the next level. I also think that there are a couple of other mid-round inside linebackers available who could come in and provide the necessary upgrade to Miami's defense.

With that said, I reserve the right to change my opinion at any time - as my feelings seem to change day to day this time of the year.

But this post is about you. Which player would you prefer the Dolphins take if it came down to McClain and Bryant? Cast your vote and then tell us why below.


If it came down to these two players, which would you prefer the Dolphins draft: Rolando McClain or Dez Bryant?

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  • 57%
    Rolando McClain
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  • 42%
    Dez Bryant
    (1091 votes)
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