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'The Matty Awards' - Unveiling the winners, part 2

Time to continue on with announcing the winners of the 2nd annual 'Matty Awards.'

The next six awards and their winners are after the jump. And note that all of these awards had between 225 and 275 votes each.

The Brandon London Bandwagon Award - given to the blogger who started the most ridiculous and hilarious player bandwagon. Bonus Points for a creative nickname.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Uncle finster for the Cameron Wake bandwagon, known as the "BandWaken" - receiving 22% of the vote. Heater OsE and his "Draft Vontae Davis bandwagon" was 2nd.

This is uncle finster's first 'Matty Award.'

The Joey Porter SLAP of the Year Award - given to the blogger with the best smackdown of an opposing blogger.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

The entire Phinsider community for all of our many "smackdowns" of Jets fans that infested this site at times in 2009.

The Ted Ginn Punching Bag Award – given to the blogger who tends to be everybody else’s punching bag.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Samdaman - with 31% of the vote. Little Nicky 21 was 2nd.

This is samdaman's first 'Matty Award.'

The Cameron Wake Crossing the Border Award – given to the best blogger whose permanent residence is outside the United States and its territories.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

MauMontaV5 - with 61% of the vote. AussieKen was 2nd.

This is MauMontaV5's third career award.

The Channing Crowder Lost In Translation Award - given to the blogger who has best overcome the language barrier between their first language and the English language.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Aleta - with 51% of the vote. FinsFromBrazil was 2nd.

This is Aleta's first 'Matty Award.'

The Bryan Cox Award - given to the most passionate/borderline psychotic blogger.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Ohiofinfan4life - with 56% of the vote. Rzayo24 was 2nd.

This is Ohiofinfan4life's second award.

Congrats to these six winners!

But don't forget, there are still more to come - including the Hall of Fame announcement.