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'The Matty Awards' - Unveiling the winners, part 1

Well after all the nominating and voting, it's time to finally start announcing the winners of the 2nd annual 'Matty Awards.'

So we'll begin by unveiling the winners of the first six awards. The awards and the winners are all after the jump.

All of the awards below had between 250 and 300 votes - a noticeable improvement over last year's awards.

And congratulations to both the winners as well as the nominees. With there being over 3,000 members of this community, it's a huge honor to just be nominated.

With that said, let's get to the winners...

The Chad Pennington Crossing Enemy Lines Award - given to the most knowledgeable and personable opposing blogger.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

TheTealDeal - with 46% of the vote. Brian Galliford was 2nd.

This is TheTealDeal's first 'Matty Award.'

The Jim Mandich NewsFlash Award - given to the blogger who posts the most up-to-date and breaking news stories.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Patssuck456 - with 25% of the vote. Little Nicky 21 was 2nd.

This is Patssuck456's first 'Matty Award.'

The Ricky Williams Picture Perfect Award - given to the blogger who best used pictures in his/her posts and/or comments.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Ohiofinfan4life - with 59% of the vote. Uncle finster was 2nd.

This is OFF4L's first award.

The Killer B's Blogger Nickname Award - given to the blogger with the best blog nickname.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

El presidente 00, for his nickname "El Peezy" - with 25% of the vote. Enhalen and his nickname of "Bacon" was 2nd.

This is el presidente 00's first award.

The J-Peezy Player Nickname Award - given to the blogger who created the best player nickname.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

Rzayo24 for coming up with "Lousaka Monster" as Lousaka Polite's nickname. RZ received 41% of the vote. LeftCoastFinFan and his nickname "Gerbil" for Gibril Wilson was 2nd.

This is Rzayo24's third award.

The Tony Sparano "At the End of the Day" Award - given to the blogger who created the best Phinsider catchphrase.

And 'The Matty' goes to...

MrMedic, for coining the term "sammary" - which received 51% of the vote. LeftCoastFinFan was second.

This is MrMedic's first award.

Congrats to the first six winners!