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Joey Porter wants out of Miami

Where there's smoke, there's fire. That's what I said about this whole Joey Porter saga that has been playing out. Now we have confirmation that Porter wants out of Miami. Appearing on the Jim Rome show, Porter said he wasn't happy with his role in 2009 and wants to be traded. Some of what he said is as follows:

"I won't accept it no more, you know what I mean? I accepted it last year because I'm a team guy. I just want to play, have fun and win football games."

``When you're winning, all of this stuff is (swept) away. But after seeing how last year went, asking me to come back and play that role again, I can honestly say I won't come back to do that. I can't be happy about coming back playing that role.''

(when asked about being traded)
"I mean, it would just kind of be the smart thing to do. `Why keep a guy there that you want to make a role player? You're paying me enough money as a starter. So why pay me all that money and make me a role player"

"If you make me a role player, it's saying you really don't want me, right? I mean, I just gave you 17.5 sacks last year."

Wow - have a nice life, Joey.

Porter also confirmed that he did have a chat with Tony Sparano after the season. And Sparano stuck to his guns, telling Joey he's "not going to let you stop the development and growth of my young players.''

With Porter's roster bonus of $1 million due before the league year begins and trading can occur, it's likely the Dolphins will release Porter rather than pay him the million in hopes of trading him for something...anything.

Hat tip LeftCoastFinFan