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Dolphins Red Zone Report: Week 16

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The Dolphins actually had one of their best red zone performances of the year against the Lions this past week, converting those four red zone trips into 24 total points. On their first three trips, the Dolphins ran five offensive plays - three of which were touchdowns. They averaged a whopping 7.2 yards per play on those first three trips. And the running game got a huge boost from the move of Richie Incognito to center - particularly on these red zone runs.

Of course, the 13 yard touchdown pass from Chad Henne to Davone Bess was a little lucky - and that's putting it mildly. That ball probably shouldn't have been thrown. It has interception written all over it. But a poor play by the defender and outstanding catch by Bess turned a possible disaster into six points.

That one trip that did not result in a touchdown, however, is what many will think about when they go back to this game in their heads. That's when the conservative play calling of Dan Henning took control once again, playing for the field goal instead of the touchdown. How else can you explain running it on 1st and goal from the 17 after the Jake Long penalty and then running it again on 3rd down and goal from the 14?

Hopefully we only have one more game having to deal with Henning's "questionable" play calling before he exits Miami.

For the season, the Dolphins rank 14th in the league in the red zone - converting on 52.9% of their trips.

Defensively, the Dolphins held the Lions to ten points on two red zone trips. Detroit's second drive of the game actually started inside Miami's 20 thanks to the fumbled punt by Bess. But Miami's defense held, highlighted by a Randy Starks sack of Shaun Hill, forcing a field goal attempt.

On the year, the Dolphins are ranked 2nd in the NFL, only allowing touchdowns on 38% of their opponent's red zone opportunities.