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Quick Take: Dolphins season over after loss to Bills

Beat the Jets in Jersey and follow that up by a loss at home to the Bills. It's been that kind of season for the Miami Dolphins. But now their season is all but officially over.

They still have two games left - but their playoff hopes are dead courtesy of Buffalo's 17-14 win at Sun Life Stadium.

Three quick thoughts are below. Usual recap will follow tomorrow.

  • The Dolphins put themselves in a hole. But that fourth quarter was going very well up until Dan Hening's decision to break out the Wildcat on 2nd down and ten from Buffalo's 31 with two and a half minutes to go. Chad Henne, as bad as he was earlier, had connected on 12 of 14 passes attempts in the fourth quarter for 121 yards and a touchdown. That's a good time to take him off the field, right Mr. Henning? And what the hell was Henning thinking calling those short pass plays with a minute to go and no timeouts? I can't wait for Henning to get the hell out of Miami for good. Only two more games before Henning "retires" - hopefully.
  • It's not all on Henning. Chad Henne equally shares some of the blame. Prior to the fourth quarter, Henne was just 18 of 26 for 140 yards and an interception. That interception was just awful. It was on third down and wouldn't have even been a first down if it's completed. Henne needs to throw it away. He was also inaccurate on a number of throws. Henne and Henning share the blame for the struggles of this offense.
  • As the photo shows, Miami's defensive backs were usually in position to make a play. For some reason, these DBs just played the ball poorly and gave up key completions. Still, the defense was very good - good enough to win.

Try to enjoy the rest of the day. And I'll see you back here tonight with our recap.