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Quick Take: Miami Dolphins defeat New York Jets 10-6

I told you it was going to be a sloppy, ugly game. That's exactly what it was today at the New Meadowlands Stadium. But in the end, the Dolphins get to leave Jersey with an ugly win while the Jets suffer an ugly loss. I'll take that result any day of the week.

The Dolphins have now won three consecutive games against the Jets in New Jersey. The last time the Jets beat the Dolphins at the Meadowlands was 2007. Be sure to let Jet fans you know that little fact.

Below are my three quick thoughts on today's win. Regular wrap-up post to follow tomorrow:

  • Cameron Wake again stepped up in critical times and continued his monstrous season. He was a factor against the run - as usual - and then made two game-winning plays by sacking Mark Sanchez twice in three plays, the final sack sealing the win for the Dolphins. Not only is Wake worthy of first-team All-Pro honors, he should be a serious candidate for Defensive Player of the Year.
  • Brandon Fields was HUGE today. Can anyone even remember a punter having 500 yards punting in one game? Fields punted 10 times (for 564 yards) and averaged 49.6 net yards per punt - including an insane 69 yard punt. Fields changed the game with his punts by giving Miami the field position edge and forcing the Jets to put together long drives to score. Fields was probably the team's MVP today.
  • Despite all of the positives, this Miami offense looked very bad. Turnovers. Bad throws. Nowhere to run. And even Miami's defense got lucky with all of NY's dropped passes. If Holmes makes that touchdown reception, for example, this is a tie game. So clearly this Dolphins team has serious issues that have to be addressed.

With that said, the Dolphins beat the Jets, folks. That's a damn good Sunday no matter how the win comes.

The Dolphins are 7-6 with a chance to be 9-6 heading up to New England. That's all we could ask for after last week's loss.