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Dolphins Red Zone report: Week 12

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It's somewhat ironic that the Dolphins had their best offensive performance on Sunday against the Raiders despite having their worst performance of the season in the red zone - which is saying a lot considering the Dolphins have been struggling big time to convert those red zone opportunities into touchdowns.

Sunday's performance was the second time this year that the Dolphins had at least three trips inside their opponent's 20 yard line but failed to punch it into the endzone on any of these trips. However, the other time this happened in 2010 - back in week seven against Pittsburgh - the Dolphins did turn each of those three red zone trips into field goals. That was not the case this past week.

Thanks to Chad Henne's one stupid decision, the Dolphins put only six combined points on the board with those three red zone opportunities. That's obviously not acceptable.

For the season, the Dolphins are now converting only 44% of their red zone opportunities into touchdowns, placing them 26th in the league in red zone efficiency.

The flip side, of course, is how well Miami's defense has been playing in the red zone this season. The Raiders moved inside Miami's 20 yard line just one time on Sunday and had to settle for a field goal. A 50 yard completion to Jacoby Ford and a 10 yard penalty by Tim Dobbins put Oakland down inside Miami's 15 yard line in just two plays.

But the defense then refused to break, containing an attempted end-around from Darrius Heyward-Bey and then forcing consecutive incompletions by really giving Bruce Gradkowski no place to go with the football - forcing Oakland to settle for a short field goal.

On the season, the Dolphins are ranked second in the league in red zone defense, surrendering touchdowns on only 37% of their opponent's red zone opportunities.