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Quick Take: Dolphins defeated in all three phases as they fall to Ravens

In what could have been a great day for the Dolphins, with the Patriots losing in Cleveland and Jets losing in Detroit, the Dolphins laid an egg up in Baltimore - losing 26-10. [Editor's Note: Oops - should have figured the Lions would blow it.] Now the Dolphins are 4-4 and are in a virtual "must win" situation every week if they want to remain in the AFC playoff race.

Here are three quick thoughts on today's loss:

  • The Dolphins were out-played in all aspects of the game. Their offense was just terrible in the second half. The defense missed tackles left and right and couldn't get off the field on third down in many critical points. And we saw a missed field goal by the Dolphins to go along with the Ravens' successful fake punt. It's quickly becoming clear that this team is not ready to take that next step. Now I'm wondering how far away they actually are from being ready to take that step.
  • Ronnie Brown runs for 45 yards on six carries on Miami's first possession, which ends in a 12 yard touchdown run. Then the Dolphins hand if off to Brown just three more times all game long. Wow. Just wow.
  • So many missed opportunities again for the Dolphins. Chad Henne throws just an ugly pass before the half that misses a wide open Anthony Fasano and forces the Dolphins settle for a field goal. If completed, the Dolphins lead 14-13 at the half - and who knows where the game goes in the second half. And we can't forget about Sean Smith's dropped "pick six" when the Dolphins were trailing 20-10 late in the third quarter. Another game-changing play that wasn't.

This team deserved to lose today. And now their backs are squarely against the wall.

Full recap post to follow tonight/tomorrow morning.