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Dolphins vs Ravens: Prediction Time

The Dolphins are 4-0 on the road. The Ravens are 3-0 at home. On Sunday, something's got to give.

Let's check out who the media is picking:

Chris Mortensen - Bal Adam Schefter - Bal Tom Jackson - Bal
Ron Jaworski - Bal Peter King - Bal Mike Florio - Bal
Gregg Rosenthal - Mia Pete Prisco - Bal Jason Cole - Bal
Sterling Sharpe - Bal Joe Theismann - Bal Brian Baldinger - Bal

Ouch. I feel like Rodney Dangerfield here. No respect at all.

Of course, Pete Prisco clearly hasn't been watching the Dolphins this year. How else can you explain him saying that "Miami moves the ball by running it." Really, Pete?

The Dolphins are 16th in the NFL in rushing offense and 12th in passing. They are averaging 28 rushing attempts per game and 36 pass attempts. These numbers don't exactly scream "moving the ball on the ground," do they?

The one guy above who picked the Dolphins, Gregg Rosenthal of, is actually 78-39 on the season - more accurate than any of the guys at ESPN. So that's something, I guess.

The bottom line here is that the Dolphins are the clear underdog and will look to come up with their most impressive road win in a couple of years on Sunday up in Baltimore. Can it be done? I think so. But it's going to take perfect execution and very few miscues. Turnovers, in particular, would be very costly.

Like I said, though, I believe the Dolphins can win this game. I believe that Tony Sparano is going to have this football team prepared and in the right state of mind to shock the NFL world.

Do you?